Divert all Your Travel Expenses towards the Cedarwood Gardens or Townsville Estate and get an all expense paid return ticket to anywhere in Nigeria this Christmas

Cedarwood Gardens & Townsville Estate Ibeju Lekki!

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Christmas Is here again and Just Like Before you have two choices:

1) Travel by Road and

  • Drag yourself through the stressful traffic jam that could make your car break down.
  • Risk entering big potholes that could rip your tires off.
  • Be frustrated by Tanker drivers and other vehicles trying to overtake you.
  • Suffer from the long sitting hours OR you could 

2) Forget about road travel and Fly all-expense paid.

Bad Roads Everywhere that subject your Car to Torture!

Be sure to get frustrated this Christmas If you travel by road. There will be bigger Potholes, annoying traffic jam and frustrating car breakdown this Christmas. Why should you spend half of your Life on the road when you can save time and invest it with your family when you fly.

So let me make you a deal

How about I save you the stress this year. You don't need to go look for extra money or even borrow from friends to fly. All you need to do is do the one important thing you have been postponing for so long;


Invest in the Cedarwood Gardens or the Townsvilles Estate and you will have one of the best Christmas travel experiences ever.

Read on to discover why I say so.

Smart Investors will kill for this: A profitable Land Investment plus a Bonus to get a Return ticket to anywhere in Nigeria this Christmas.

Wouldnt It be Comforting If you Fly?

  • You will Never have to worry about your car breaking down
  • Big potholes to dodge.
  • Your family back home will never need to stay up late waiting for you to come or be sick worried throughout the day because you are on the road.
  • How about giving your car some break to relax too and never have to spend any more money doing repairs and maintenance when you get back.
  • Remember there is still rent and children school fees to worry about in January

So get yourself a piece of Land in the Cedarwood Gardens or Townsville Estate today and sit back in the Plane while you Fly. Someone else will do all the hard work for you.

Here is How you can Win your all expense paid return Ticket



Invest in the Cedarwood Gardens or Townsville Estate Ibeju Lekki. One Ticket Per Land Investment.


Pay N1.8m or N6m Outright

Pay an Outright subscription fee of N1.8m for the Cedarwood Gardens Estate or N6m for the Townsville Estate.


Get Your Return Ticket

 Get your Return Ticket to anywhere  in Nigeria in 5 days

About The Cedarwood Gardens & The Townsville Estate

The Cedarwood Gardens Estate is a developing and safe Land Investment in Ibeju Lekki.

  • Name of Estate: Cedarwood Gardens Estate
  • Location: Ayeteju Ibeju Lekki (35 minutes from Ajah)
  • Title: Excision File No.: KL11232
  • Size: 600sqm
  • Type of Investment: Long-term Land Investment
  • Actual Price: N 3.5m
  • Promo Price: N1.8m
  • Promo Ends 21st Dec 2017

Site Inspection: Every workday and Saturday by 10 am, 12noon and 2 pm.

The Townsville Estate is a developed and safe Land Investment located in a fenced secure, and habitable neighborhood along the Lekki/Epe Express way.

  • Name of Estate: Townsville Estate
  • Location: Km 35 Lekki/Epe express way(5 mins from the Lakowe Lakes and Golf Course)
  • Title: Global C of O
  • Size: 450sqm
  • Type of Investment: Mid term Land Investment
  • Promo Price: N6m
  • Promo Ends 21st Dec 2017.

Site Inspection: Every Saturday from 7.30am

Why should You Invest in The Cedarwood Gardens Estate?

The Cedarwood Gardens Estate has the following benefits

  • It is located in the path of one of the fast developing areas of Lagos State
  • It is a safe and Affordable Land Investment developed by a reputable company.
  • Comparable Land Investment within the area will sell for as high as N3.5m. This means that you will be making an instant profit the moment you Invest.
  • The added benefit of a return Ticket is a way to take care of the most expensive item on your Christmas Budget
  • You get the value of two for the price of one; A land Investment plus a return ticket all at a price for just the Land.
  • Best Investment choice for first Time Investor.

This is a super special bumper promo that you will not find anywhere else.

Why should You Invest in The Townsville Estate?

The Townsville Estate have the following Benefit:

  • Prime Location along the Lekki Epe express way
  • The Safest Land Title; Covered by a Global C of O
  • Developed area with tarred road access and people already living within the neighborhood
  • The Most affordable Land on the Lekki/Epe express way (Comparable Investment will sell for as high as N15m)
  • Ready to build Estate for your dream home in 2018
  • Credible developers with outstanding track record.
  • Best Investment choice for experienced Investors

What would Happen If you do not Invest in this deal?

When we close this special offer on the 21st of December, here is what you will lose:

  • You will never see this type of deal again. 
  • You will miss out on the instant profit you would have made due to the promo price.
  • You will travel by road and suffer all the consequences
  • By January when you return you will be telling your friends the ugly story of how tired and exhausted you are from the journey. There will also be a lot of bills waiting for your return in January. 

You will be giving away so much value if you miss this deal


  • We will pick you up from your House and drop you at the Airport at no cost.

  • A member of our Team will be at the airport with you to take charge of your check in process and ensure everything is smooth and easy.

  • We will drop you off at home when you return back to Lagos in January

This special Bonuses is only applicable to the first 7 Investors and to Lagos mainland and Island township only. (Outskirt and suburbs are excluded).

My Honest advice, the same way I will advice a family Member is that you go ahead and Invest right away. What can be more rewarding than having a safe Investment and being rewarded for it.

Just Fill your details below and I will send you the forms and all you need to get started.......

Is this a Wise Decision?

What can be more Honorable than beginning your Investment Journey or adding to your wealth portfolio before the end of 2017. On top of that you will be making this Christmas fun and stress free. Who would not applaud you for that?. In fact you should be proud of yourself already.

Instead of procrastinating your Investment Plans again or wasting your time and risking your life on the road with police men harassing you every step of the way, Why not choose to Invest and view the blue sky while you fly.

High up there you will only see the blue and white skies, beautiful air hostesses will be at your service and God will be more attentive to your prayers.

The only thing that will be on your mind when you are up there will be your new Investment which you are happy about, new inspiration for 2018, Love, gratitude and peace. You will be proud of yourself and worry will never be anywhere close to you.

Don't Fly alone, Fly with Friends and Family.

Encourage your friends or Family to Invest too. And when they do you'll all Fly. You will be seating next to each other, chatting and having fun while you fly.

Share this information with Friends and Family so they too can fly.

You may not have any business traveling this Christmas but Goodnews you can get the cash equivalent of your return ticket.


1) Invest in the Cedarwood Gardens or Townsville Estate

2) Send us a means of Identity so we can verify your state of origin

3)We will pay you the equivalent Flight Ticket cost to the closest airport to your state.

Fair Enough?

Just to Recap, Here is everything you will get when you Invest!

  • A safe and profitable Land Investment in your Name
  • A return Ticket for you If you Invest alone or for you and your friends If they Invest too
  • Pick up and drop off from the Mainland and Island
  • Someone at the Airport during your departure from the Lagos Terminal to make sure your checking in is without stress.
  • A safe and peaceful trip in the hands of God and members of your family waiting to welcome you in broad daylight.

PS: We may shut down this promo before the 21st Dec if we receive so many subscription than we can handle. This is your chance, hurry before its all gone.

Make No Mistake, Travelling By Road this year will be more stressful that what you have experienced before. Invest now and Fly all expense paid.

Leaving your Investment Until Tomorrow is Like Saving up sex for Old age- Warren Buffet.


Enter your details above and hit the Invest Button.